You know how much we love you … and you know how much we love experimenting in the kitchen.
So here’s a quick update on some of the amazing creations we have come up with recently! We promise you only the best.

Warning: Proceed with caution. Have a hanky nearby to wipe off that drool.

strawberry smoresStrawberry Smores Cupcakes – just LOOK at that sweet delight :O

reeses stuffed oreo
Reeses Stuffed Oreo Cupcakes … a match made in heaven

honeycomb choc top Honeycomb Choc Top Cupcake – so indulgent with honeycomb buttercream icing!

chocolate covered macaronChocolate Covered Macaron Cupcake – straight out of your wildest dream ;) So, so naughty!

banana strawberry choc topBanana Choc Top and Strawberry Choc Top Cucpakes … what a thing of beauty they are!

How’s that as a mid-week treat to all you lovely people??

We hear you. You’re not the only ones with a messy chin. We’ve had to keep our own faces clean while writing this post! Each picture is increasingly drool-worthy, we could only wish technology was so advance as to allow us to download them right off the computer screen!

Till then, all fair and square, we will all have to get down to the Kustom Cupcakes store to have some of these goodies. They might even be flavours you’d like to include in your preorders for the upcoming year end parties! Pretty neat, hey? :)

We’ve also got some incredibly exciting news to share with all of you soon. If you can’t bear to wait any longer, hop on over to our Facebook page to find out more xx


The most wonderful time of the year is here! With less than 3 weeks to Christmas (gasp! really?!), we’re sure you must be busy shopping up for presents, filling up the holiday stockings and decorating your tree!

In fact, the Christmas tree is one of the most integral decor to symbolise this season. Kustom Cupcakes too have our own Christmas tree in store … with a twist :)

xmas 1

Kustom Cupcakes has partnered with Parkerville Children & Youth Care to put smiles on 146 faces this Christmas.

All you have to do is to get in our store on Orrong Road, Lathlain, look out for our Christmas tree, and pick out as many cards and wishes you’d like to fulfill!

xmas 2One of our customers picking out a card from the tree

Just remember to leave your contact details with the lovely counter girls and bring back your gifts to us by 20 December.

xmas 3Example of two cards filled with wishes

Since you’re playing Santa here, it is entirely up to you how many wishes per card you’d like to fulfill! :) You can gift him/her with one of the gifts, or two, or even all!

It is after all the biggest shopping season of the year. Christmas will feel even more special because you know you’ve spent your money on a great cause!

xmas 4

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Have a great week ahead, everybody :)

Kustom Cupcakes team


How’s everyone been so far? Busy prepping for Christmas? We have been hustling and bustling too with heaps of baking (including exciting new tie-ups with local bloggers!) and celebrating our 2nd Birthday (which went super well, yay!!) as well as participating in the Perth Upmarket at UWA over the weekend.

Amidst our jam-packed schedule, we came to realise that we’re not showing enough love to our vegan friends <3 To make up for that, we now have two new flavours for you lot!

Vegan Choc Peanut Butter Pretzel CupcakeVegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel cupcake – all your favourite things in one, with Peanut Butter down the middle ;)

Vegan Hello Kitty Shortbread Cupcakes
Vegan Hello Kitty Shortbread Cupcakes

Hehe, how cute are they!? Fret not fans and friends of our regular cupcakes – keep your eyes peeled here for news of our latest cupcake flavour to hit the store! Or, you can always follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more updates! :D


Only 42 days to Christmas!! Yipee!
You lot have been so good this year that we have decided to bring Christmas to you so much earlier … really, really early … as early as … NOW!

kustom christmas

These Christmas Packages are ideal as Xmas gifts, parties, or even for you to eat merrily! Hurray! Available in an adorable 6 pack or a box of 12, each package includes a mix of Red Velvet, Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes for you to feast on.

Speaking of jolly seasons … come on down to the Kustom Cupcake store this Sunday, 17 November for our Birthday Party!! Yes we turn 2 this weekend and we want to celebrate with you :)

kustom birthday

There will be free face painting, free superhero photo booth & a free limited edition cupcake for everyone that dresses up! We are inviting everybody – kids, adults, everyone who enjoys a cupcake or two! 

To keep up to date with our events, ‘like’ us on Facebook! <3


Just a week ago, we celebrated Halloween at Kustom Cupcakes! It was a day filled with horrifyingly MASSIVE orders which could only mean one thing … we certainly had LOTS of treats in store!!

kustom halloween 1

Our amazing treats which include Severed Fingers, Rocky Horror Slice, Pumpkin Choc Coated Oreos & Peanut Butter Caramel Pumpkin Tarts!

kustom halloween 2

Eyeball Cake Pops, Candy Corn Caramel Cupcakes, Vanilla Monster Cupcakes & Caramel Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes!

We were also thrilled that a couple chose to deliver our treats for their wedding on this special day!

kustom halloween wedding

It looks a little scary, but it’s all super sweet really!! Thank you so much to Chris & Kelly for celebrating your special day with us! <3

All in all it was a great day for Kustom Cupcakes on Halloween! We had a real good time in store … until … we were tricked and attacked by a seemingly sweet-looking ballerina!

kustom halloween zombie

We got excited when we saw someone walk through in a costume. It’s Halloween – we expected nothing less. But she withdrew her sweetness and turned into a zombie barely two seconds later! TERRIFYING! We had no choice but to surrender all our cupcakes to her! She immediately became calm again and friendly, and sweet. Bless her soul! Thanks Zombie Ballerina for coming to Kustom Cupcakes for trick or treating <3


The end of the year is always an exciting time because there is just so much great things going on: Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, accompanied by lots and lots of wedding in between and also … Kustom Cupcakes’ 2nd Birthday!

With that, we thought, “Hey why not celebrate this time of year with more flavours for all these lovely people who most definitely deserve it?

So we are now introducing not 1, not 2, not even 3 … but 5 new flavours right in our store!

neapolitan cupcakeNeapolitan Cupcake

The Neapolitan Cupcake is essentially our Kustom vanilla and chocolate cupcake (yes, together!) with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry buttercream – just like the good ol’ Neapolitan ice cream that everyone loves!

tim tam cupcakeTim Tam Cupcake

Nobody can resist Tim Tams! So frankly, we’re not quite sure why it took us this long! <3 The Tim Tam cupcake is made out of vanilla cake, white chocolate tim tam ganache, vanilla buttercream and topped with Tim Tam, of course!

blondie cupcakeWhite Chocolate and Raspberry Blondie Cupcake

The name says it all! A vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream topped with blondie and … with raspberry jam filling. Ooh … ;)

s'mores cupcakesS’mores Cupcake

Mmm … s’mores. This vanilla cake with marshmallow fluff filling, nutella buttercream, marshmallow fluff topping & half an oreo is sure to get everybody smiling!

 peanut butter triple choc brownie cupcake

Peanut Butter Triple Chocolate Brownie Cupcake

Probably the most enjoyable (and sinfulof the lot, this cupcake comprises of vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, peanut butter triple choc brownie, white chocolate peanut butter ganache and … peanut butter filling. It’s so good it’s bad – but who can resist? ;)

What better way to end the year, hey? Now, don’t be late to the party! x


Wow, 2013 is definitely whizzing past us. October is already here – everybody’s favourite month! And you know why. It’s the month of Halloween!!

Of course, you know us. We sweetly welcome every event with embracing arms covered with dough and icing, ha ha. Halloween is as an exciting time for us as it is for you. This year, we’ve decided to treat (and maybe even trick? Oh, we kid!) our kustomers with more than just cupcakes! We have something more incredible up our sleeves …

halloween cupcakes

This year, besides the Halloween Packages which will be available in a 6 pack or 12 pack, you are also cordially invited to step into our store for a day of trick or treating!! We also know how zombies have quickly climbed the popularity ladder this year with shows like The Walking Dead  so we have arranged for a special zombie to spice up your visit! If that’s not enough for you, and you’d like to dive deeper into the Halloween fun, come take advantage of our complimentary face painting service and evolve into a zombie! All happening on Thursday 31 October from 5-8pm. We really look forward to seeing you there!

ps. More treats coming your way in November with the Melbourne Cup and Kustom Cupcakes 2nd Birthday! x


Just a few nights ago, something incredible happened to us. WE HIT 20,000 LIKES ON FACEBOOK!!

donut balloons(Source: Pinterest)

We were delirious! It felt amazing! 20,000 is a MASSIVE number. It is a reminder of how lucky we’ve been thus far in building our Cupcake Kingdom. The number of people who believe in us, our cupcakes and our business is overwhelming … it was a definite call for celebration!

Yesterday, we held a Facebook competition* to celebrate this milestone and show our gratitude to every single person who have supported us since 2010. We began our search for Kustom Cupcake’s BIGGEST fans so that we can reward them accordingly. Each entry was lovely and it was honestly a difficult task to select the winners!

kustom cupcake biggest fan prizeEach winner gets to take home 24 Pack of Kustom Cupcakes, a 24 Pack of Macarons & a Pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream

Here are the winning entries. We promise you, at least one will put a smile on your face or tug at your heartstrings!

Winner #1: Aaron Benji Chew

“I don’t necessarily like sweets but my girlfriend loves Kustom Cupcakes – Perth! And I want to win this for her because she is the sweetest thing in the world.  She bought me a box of Kustom Cupcakes for my birthday and ate all of them except for two, I think she likes them even more than me which is a bit worrying. If I was to win I’d give them all to her with the exception of any peanut butter ones, because I like those peanut butter ones, a lot. Hopefully this will make her love me as much as she loves your cupcakes! Thanks!”

Honestly, how sweet is Aaron! His girlfriend definitely had a lovely surprise, and we hope she now loves him as much as she loves Kustom Cupcakes, hehe! x

Cupcake Humour Love(Source: Pinterest)

Winner #2: Chloé Stevenson

“I am Kustom Cupcakes biggest fan! Not only have I done the Kustom Cupcakes class but I have eaten Kustom Cupcakes for Valentines’ Day, my birthday, my fiance’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter! Kustom Cupcakes have done amazeballs kustom orders for every function I’ve had this year! When my fiancé proposed to me, the ring was in a Kustom Cupcakes box with a white chocolate cookie dough cupcake and next year we will seal the deal with a tower of kustom cupcakes at our wedding!”

Chloé, we are so grateful for your continued support! Thank you for sharing your life with Kustom Cupcakes! <3

cupcake humour happiness(Source: Pinterest)

Winner #3: Laetitia Thompson

“I am your biggest fan because I was with my bestie as she was driving through Vic Park one day. And I burst into tears over something or other, and her response? Her response?? Not, “You’ll be alright”, not, “Let’s talk about it”, she literally pulled her car right over and said, “Right. It’s time for cupcakes” and she pulled into this car park, to this amazing land of magic I had never known existed. It was like when the world first saw Audrey Hepburn grace us on the silver screen in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. No…It was like when Lucy walked into Narnia through the wardrobe. No. I take that back. It was like when Harry Potter first rode a Firebolt broomstick. NO. It was like when the gatekeepers of Troy first saw the giant wooden horse – except, you know, instead of the eventual war and battle and blood and horror, it was icing and sprinkles. It was magic. I tasted the peanut butter cupkake and it was magic. Like a rainbow in my mouth. Like food found on Mount Olympus. Instead of six pomegranate seeds that Hades tricked Persephone into eating to stay with him in the Underworld, it was actually your cupcakes. You have had my loyalty since then. From the moment I had a broken heart. And because of the kind act of a best friend. Rebekah D’Sylva, thank you. Thank you for that day.”

What an amazing story! We are overjoyed that our cupcakes can brighten someone’s day! Thank you Laetitia, for sharing this with us – Rebekah is definitely a gem of a best friend! ;)

cupcake happy(Source: WeHeartIt)


Oh, but that’s not all! Did we mention that we also have the funniest and most creative lot of supporters? The entries that had us laughing also got to take home a 6 pack of Kustom Cupcakes! Here are some of the wonderful comments we’ve received for the competition:

“I used to be your biggest fan, then I had a 9lb baby, so I’m not so big anymore lol!! Actually I found you guys while waiting for my 3d ultrasound across the road, and your delicious cupcake was just the sugary kick my little lady needed to get the dancing happening. She was very active throughout the ultrasound, made for some great photos :)” – Sam Church

“I’m your biggest fan because I have been making the trek to your store at least once a week from Yanchep sometimes through peek hour traffic ever since your store opened. I even broke down on Albany Highway on the way to your store once but still managed to pick up a dozen of your delights while my mum drove from Alkimos to get me…..ummm I had eaten half a dozen before my mum arrived lol. Your cupcakes have always been part of our family occasions….from my sister’s baby shower to my cousin’s engagement….Kustom Cupcakes I love you! :)” – Jeanette Simon

Ode to Kustom Cupcakes sung to the tune of ‘Sir Mix-a-lots, I like big Butts’ I like Kustom Cupcakes and I cannot lie, you other cupcake lovers can’t deny. That when you walk in to that little bitty place with a big smile on your face you get sprung and you look at the range ’cause you notice that cupcake was stuffed. Deep with Salted Caramel, can’t say no to a stuffed oreo. Ooooo baby I want to get a 12 pack, but get a 6 pack, My workmates try to warn me but that cupcake you got makes me so HUNGRY!!” – Candice Gilchrist 

We are really ever so grateful for all your support and belief in us! Success is sweeter knowing that our kustomers are enjoying life with Kustom Cupcakes! Together, we can achieve Cupcake Domination!

cupcake balanced diet(Source: Pinterest)

*”Are You Kustom Cupcakes’ Biggest Fan?” is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administrated by, or associated with Facebook.*


Wow, we’ve been away from this space for 3 months now! That’s a pretty long time … and we’re really sorry! :(

It has been a fruitful time for us though, we promise! During this time, we’ve been hanging out in the kitchen a little more – a result of becoming more inspired and experimental (in other words, fun). And … we are happy to announce that there are NEW FLAVOURS in the Kustom Cupcakes store now!! Mmhm. Yes, you read right! Now, can you forgive us for our hiatus, pretty please?

As you would know, we’re now home to some of the world’s most amazing ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s, of course) and one of these flavours is Couch Potato Cupcake! How amazing does that sound? I know, we were so intrigued too – and that was exactly what we created out of our humble kitchen!

1009481_605881239463705_2103438274_o-1The Couch Potato – Filled with Salted Caramel and topped with a Chocolate Coated Potato Chip.

We know what you’re thinking. Potato chip? With chocolate?? Uhm ... is that even legal?? If you are the sort who loves a good mix of salty and sweet popcorn, then this delight is definitely right up your alley! For those who are a bit more skeptical, we’d inch you to just give it a go! It might change your life ;) And just as the name says, it is the perfect treat to have while you cosy up on a windy night (seriously spring, you’re getting really tardy!) and watch your favourite tv shows.


 We have also created other magical new flavours like Salted Caramel Popcorn (waa, just like at the movies – only better!), Peanut Brittle, White Chocolate Macadamia and Triple Choc Brownie Cupcakes! Are you salivating already? Come on down to Shop 4/156 Orrong Rd, Lathlain if you are! <3

ps. Whilst we create magic in our kitchen everyday, sadly it isn’t daily that we stock these new flavours so it’s best you give us a ring at (08) 6161 2103 to check what treats you’re in for that day! x



Yes! Hear ye, hear ye! We now stock ice-cream from the world’s two favourite men: Ben & Jerry!

It’s been a little over 2 weeks now since we first welcomed this famous delight into our humble store on Orrong Road, and the response from our customers has been spectacular!


As pictured above, our B&J supply flew out so fast in a span of 3 days!! How amazing is that?! Of course, we have since then kept more coming into the store so that all of you can keep enjoying them.

Imagine: your favourite cupcake with a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream on the side. Yes, please!!

992852_561063083945521_61261011_n1013774_564159316969231_1370428461_n7314_563231593728670_457656989_nWhat can possibly be better than this?

Apart from the flavours shown above, we will also be housing Clusterfluff, Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Half Baked, Choc Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey and many more!

So, if you are in Perth and can’t wait to get your hands on these pint-sized babies, come on down to 4/156 Orrong Rd, Lathlain and give yourself a treat. You most definitely deserve it! (;

For the latest updates, follow us on our Facebook page! <3